Los Angeles 1991

Rhian Sheehan recently wrote and recorded the score for the short Los Angeles 1991, directed and produced by LA based film makers Zac&Mac. The film has gained much praise from critics, picking up many film festival awards over the past year. Watch the film below:


2015 Super Bowl Commercial

Rhian Sheehan wrote the music featured in this 2015 US Super Bowl Commercial for Dove Mens + Wear. The commercial aired during the first half of the Super Bowl to an estimated 114 million viewers.


New short sci-fi film “Similo”

Rhian Sheehan co-wrote the soundtrack to this atmospheric Spanish made sci-fi short Similo. You can hear some of Rhian’s and Max Richter’s music
in this excerpt. Playing in selected film festivals. Check it out if you get a chance. More info at blackmilk.eu


Facebook Spot

Rhian Sheehan wrote the soundtrack featured in this Facebook story “Alison”


GoPro: Red Bull Stratos Super Bowl Spot

The Rhian Sheehan  track “Less is Less” features in the new GoPro Red Bull Stratos spot. The spot features astonishing never-before-seen footage from Felix Baumgartner’s 38km high record breaking free fall – all captured using GoPro cameras. The clip has had over 17 million views on YouTube.