Film, TV & Planetarium Dome show Soundtrack cues



Film & TV Soundtrack Credits

Francofonia (Trailer Music) – Feature Film (FR 2016)

The World In Your Window – short film (NZ 2016)

We Are Stars – 3D Planetarium Dome film (UK 2015)

Belief: The Possession Of Janet Moses – Feature Film Documentary  (NZ 2015)

Los Angeles 1991– Short film (US 2015)

The Day That Changed My Life – Documentary (NZ 2015)

Silicon Valley – HBO Series (US 2014) *soundtrack Ep1, Season 1

Similo – Short film (Spain 2014)

Back To The Moon For Good –Planetarium Dome film (US/UK 2013)

Naked Castaway – The Discovery Channel (US 2013)

We Are Aliens –3D Planetarium Dome film (UK 2013)

Siege – TV Film (NZ 2012)

Siege – The Real Story –Documentary (NZ 2012)

Geoff Duke – In Pursuit of Perfection –Documentary (UK 2012)

Cell! Cell! Cell! –Planetarium Film (UK 2012)

Trailnotes –Documentary (NZ 2012)

Abiogenesis – short film (NZ 2011)

Survivor: Costa Rica (US 2012)

The Banker, The Escorts and The $18 Million – Documentary (NZ 2011)

Day Trip – short film (NZ 2010)

Journey of Contrasts 4D –Planetarium Film (UK 2010)

Top Gear – Great Adventures 3 (UK BBC 2010)

Reservoir Hill – Series 1 (NZ 2010)

Reservoir Hill – Series 2 (NZ 2009)

We Are Astronomers – 360° Full Dome Space Planetarium Film (UK 2009)

The Cult – 13 part TV series (NZ 2009)

Huloo – Documentary (NZ 2007)

Top Gear (BBC UK 2006 – 2007)

Welcome home – short film (NZ 2006)

The Sunshine Man – shot film (NZ 2006)

Commercial Clients:

Nike, Facebook, Google, NBC, Telecom, American Express, GoPro, Maserati, Wildfire, Saatchi & Saatchi, BBDO, The Discovery Channel, National Space Centre UK, Nat Geo Channel, Montreal Planetarium, UK Space Agency, Story Worldwide, Hewlett Packard US, Museum of NZ Te Papa, World Of Wearable Art (WOW), Extreme Music, Hennessy, NZ on Air, Krafthaus, Resn, ANZ, WWF

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